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Corporate finance services

AXINO Finance AG is a leading corporate finance consulting firm with a focus on the junior mining and technology sector.

Since 2000, we have advised many mining companies in various corporate development stages, such as exploration, development and production. In the technology sector we have been fortunate to work with companies that were in a game changer sector. For each one, we coordinated the company's dual listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Our corporate finance services have included the accompaniment of their equity, debt and structured financing needs.

We are your partner, when it comes to corporate finance consulting services and our 30 years of experience in the finance business benefits you. With our global network of investors, we are confident we can provide you with professional advice tailored to your capital requirements.

We are entrepreneurs and think as such.

For us, it is a given that we advise our clients, as if it were our own company. Please feel free to check out our references.