entering financial markets

We are a pioneer in the European financial sector

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our core competencies

We are your gateway to the German speaking investor community.


It has always been the intention of the AXINO Group to establish a one-stop solution for its clients and to be successful in achieving investor awareness for them by introducing your story to our global network.


With our renowned editorial team and a full spectrum of media management, we brand your company utilizing our network of established news distribution channels to provide you with new shareholders.


Our event management is successful in connecting your equity story to the German-speaking retail and institutional investor community, either face-to-face or through virtual communication tools.

30 years of experience

Wolfgang Seybold

In 2000 I started the axinocapital group of companies and became the lead consultant in the mining and natural resources sector.

We have recognised the need for public traded Australian and Canadian companies to diversify their shareholder structure and to get access to long term European investors.

our partners

Well established service providers

Our long-standing, trusting business relationships with key partners are part of our success. Your European representation would start with the dual listing of your company on the German exchanges. Our Frankfurt based market makers are running thousands of foreign order books for Australian and Canadian large and small cap companies.