entering financial markets

axinocapital is the leading consultancy group for public traded companies from Australia and Canada. We are a pioneer in the European financial sector continually expanding a sustainable investor community in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

our core competencies

We are investing our own money in Australian and Canadian small cap companies, mainly in the junior mining sector where we have a 30 year track record. Our investor community does appreciate that, as we are sitting in the same boat with them. We believe that direct investments are the future, creating credibility with transparency & sustainability.

The philosophy behind our corporate finance consultancy services is capital engineering for each challenging development phase of your company. Over the past 20 years, we have been involved in many transactions of public traded companies, including seed financings. Furthermore, we have been a consultant to companies with equity and debt financings, as well as gold forward sale.

With our renowned editorial team and a full spectrum of media management, we are branding your company utilizing our network of established distribution channels to deliver new shareholders. Our event management is successful in connecting your equity story face to face with the German-speaking retail and institutional community.

your gateway to the European investor community

Wolfgang Seybold – managing the axinocapital group

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background and experiences

The axinocapital team has more than 30 years of experience in the global equity market.

In 2000 I have started today’s axinocapital group and navigated the leading consultant into the mining sector. We have recognised the need for public traded Australian and Canadian companies to diversify their shareholder structure and to get access to long term European investors.

You can count on our expertise with more than 100 companies of the mining & energy sector having helped them to generate new shareholders within our European institutional and retail investor network. We know how to brand your company.

We have been privileged to be a shareholder of performing stocks, experiencing some ten-bagger success stories during the last 30 years. Talk to us, we want to hear your equity story!


PS: We invite you to come again, as this website will be developed during the next view weeks. Our team, network of people and references are coming soon.