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Meet our team

We have grown over the years, bringing in people with complementary expertise, while keeping our entrepreneurial mindset and a culture of openness and collaboration at the heart of everything we do. View all of our team.

Wolfgang Seybold

Managing Director

Wolfgang has a banking background. But at a young age, he started his own business - corporate communication – and recognized that his early experiences as a stock market investor, mainly in junior mining companies, is a unique selling proposition for him, when it comes down to finding the right companies for his investor community. Being a promoter and an investment banker all wrapped up in one mind, he has always been a competent advisor in the field of corporate communication and corporate finance.

Wolfgang’s passion for sports, such as skiing, hiking, golfing and sailing gives him the needed work-life balance in a fast changing financial world. He has been teaching his family about buying physical precious metals and mining stocks since they were young. As they love traveling, the Seybolds have already visited several mining operations as a family.

Simone Seybold

Management Assistant

Simone has a banking background as well, but found her talents in organizing events and corporate procedures while she was focusing on her own business – being the family manager. Since 2015, Simone has been responsible for the group’s back office management and organizing events, such as in-person conferences, traveling and roadshows.

Simone’s favorite travel destinations are the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the Middle East. She likes the warmer climate zones when it comes to vacation, but when Wolfgang started his own business in 1996, traveling to New York, Toronto and Vancouver was also on her agenda. Not many women have attended the biggest mining convention in the world. Simone has attended the PDAC in Toronto and Cambridge House in Vancouver.

Helena Sator

Social Media Manager

Helena discovered her passion for creative, visual and communicative projects early on. Social media and the digital world offer her a wide range of opportunities. The skills she learned in her two degree programs in marketing and business management (bachelor's and master's degrees) often serves her well. Media and digitalization are in a constant state of flux - so standing still is not an option for Helena, and a constant learning process always offers new potential. The early step into self-responsibility has also clearly brought the topic of finance into focus for her.

One of Helena's personal wishes: to create inspiring ideas herself and also to bring exciting projects from interesting people into the world. Her love of animals and nature is the perfect balance to the world of digital work.

Jan Willhöft

Media Manager

Jan has a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing & digital media. At the age of 20, he started his own video agency, where he helped corporations with visibility on social media platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram to name a few. He is what insiders would call a media manager. At a young age and as an entrepreneur, it was clear to him that he was going to take control of the reins in his financial future. So, when he came across the axinocapital platform with its vision to invest in precious metals, he knew he wanted to use it as his life insurance. axinocapital identifies junior mining companies and small caps with huge growth potential for market out-performance and leveraged asset growth. As a media manager, Jan applies his broad experiences to marketing the axinocapital companies and, in parallel, increases his knowledge within the investor niche. 

Jan likes traveling to foreign countries and eagerly combines his travels with site visits of axinocapital mining companies. That's why he spent twelve months in Australia upon graduating from high school. There he got to know the Australian mentality through work and travel. To maintain a good work/life balance, his weekly workout at the gym is never missed.

Michael Schertler

Communications Manager

Michael has a banking background with more than 30 years of experience in this sector. Working locations such as Munich, Zurich and Luxembourg has not only given him an international insight of our European financial system, but also on various equity markets. In 2016 he joined the axinocapital team and is responsible for our client relationship management. His tasks include the content management of the daily news flow we produce through the representation of our clients in the German speaking investor communities. Feeding all of our distribution channels, including our investor portal and our social media platforms is an important mechanism to get the companies known.

Michael is definitely an outdoor person who also likes standing in a river searching for gold nuggets by using his own washing pan. His personal interests are travelling, hiking, beekeeping, fly fishing and geology.

Dr. Bernd Heim

Chief Editor

Bernd bought his first stocks in 1985. When the market crashed in 1987, the student’s pockets were still too flat for a big shopping tour, but there was no doubt, that this was an ideal buying opportunity. During the 1990’s, while employed as the marketing manager of a company which advised retail investors in financial affairs and working on his PhD in modern German history at the same time, he steadily improved his strategy.

So, in 1998, when everyone was keen on internet stocks, he looked for Asian companies. A year later he bought Russian oil producers and in 2000 he finally bought his first gold miner. Since then, stocks have only been a hobby, but soon it turned professional, when he began to write newsletters for retail investors. You will find his name on books and scientific articles as well and may ask now, if there is any consistency. Well, yes there is: He still gets alerted, when there is blood on Wall Street – especially in the commodity sector.

Franz Heinritzi

Geologist & Translator

After graduating at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Geology, Franz worked at McGill University in Montréal, Canada on several exploration projects including REE (Rare Earth Element) in Québec. He returned to Germany to work in the quality control department of a company producing analytical instruments used in the metal and chemical industries. For the last 30 years, Franz has lived in Canada working as a translator for the mining and technologies sectors where his geological and analytical background is a significant asset.

Franz enjoys the Canadian wilderness year-round, and through family camping trips, has been able to explore Canada from Vancouver to Newfoundland. However, during the summer months, he can often be found in his garden. He also loves to cook, especially if most of the ingredients were grown in his own garden.

Karl Höblinger

Partner Corporate Finance

our USPs

Why work with us

We are your gateway to the sophisticated German-speaking investor community.

We are equity-story-tellers and therefore know how to tell your corporate story.

We know how to market your company and help you to enter financial markets.

We account for 25 years of experience and have represented over 100 companies.

We are entrepreneurs and thus, we are deeply engaged with your core business.

We are a one-stop agency – a full-service marketing & finance specialist in Europe.

focusing on junior mining & small cap technology companies

Our clients

The companies we want to represent are selected according to very specific criteria. In doing this we utilize our long years of extensive investment experience. We need to recognize the price and growth potential, not only for our investor community, but for our own investments.

every investor is looking for a tenbagger

Our success stories

As an expert in the junior mining and special situations small cap technology companies from Australia and Canada, we could identify many tenbagger investment opportunities over the past 20 years. Our investor community does know that and therefore is following the companies we are involved with.

AVZ Minerals


Share Price
from 0.02 to 0.40 AUD 

  • Participating in private placement at 0.02 AUD (2016)
  • Arranging dual listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Open Market)
  • Organising road show to meet institutional and retail investors
  • Introduction to institutional investors in Toronto, London & Cape Town
  • Arranging CEO interviews and editorial write-ups for marketing
  • Presentation at the Edelmetallmesse in Munich
  • Fastest share price increase ever - twentybagger potential (best case)

De Grey Mining


Share Price
from 0.05 to 1.60 AUD 

  • Participating in private placement at 0.05 AUD (2017)
  • Marketing to institutional and retail investors
  • Organising road show in Germany & Switzerland
  • Follow up investment at 0.05 AUD (2020) after consolidation
  • Communication of new discovery at Pilbara region (Hemi)
  • Presentation at the Edelmetallmesse in Munich
  • Share position sold too early - thirtybagger potential (best case)

Global Atomic

Equity Financing
2017 & 2018

Share Price
from 0.25 to 4.25 CAD 

  • Arranging dual listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Open Market)
  • Starting to represent Global Atomic in Europe
  • Contrarian investment decision for uranium sector at 0.25 CAD (2017)
  • Arranging CEO interviews and editorial write-ups for marketing
  • Promoting Global Atomic at various German investor days / conferences
  • Introduction to institutional investors in UK & Switzerland
  • Obtaining a German cornerstone investor for first uplift in share price
  • Share position sold too early - seventeenbagger potential (best case)

Metallic Minerals

Equity Financing
2016 & 2020

Share Price
from 0.05 to 1.40 CAD 

  • Participating in private placement as seed investor at 0.05 CAD (2016)
  • Starting to represent Metallic Minerals in Europe
  • Arranging CEO interviews and editorial write-ups for marketing
  • Promoting Metallic Minerals at various German investor days / conferences
  • Introduction to institutional investors in UK & Switzerland
  • Arranging drone video from projects, investor webinars and Zoom calls
  • Seed investor in all Metallic Group of Companies (GCX, PGE & MMG)
  • Substantial shareholding to date - fourteenbagger potential (best case)



Share Price
from 16 to 85 CAD

  • Starting to represent Agnico-Eagle Mines in Europe
  • Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Entry Standard)
  • Marketing to institutional and retail investors
  • Presentation at our IRC conferences in Zurich


Equity Financing

Share Price
from 0.30 to 2.70 CAD

  • Participating in private placement at 0.30 CAD
  • Starting to represent EnWave in Europe
  • Marketing to institutional and retail investors
  • Presentation at the Edelmetallmesse in Munich and INVEST in Stuttgart
  • Last shares sold at 2.70 CAD

Moto Gold

Equity Financing

Share Price
from 0.10 to 5 CAD

  • Participating in private placement at 0.10 AUD (at the time ASX listing)
  • Starting to represent Moto Goldmines in Europe
  • Marketing to retail investors and promoting through media work
  • AIM Listing London for capital raise in UK market
  • Research coverage by BMO Toronto and listing TSX (ASX listing ceased)
  • Marketing to institutional investors
  • Takeover by Randgold Resources & AngloGold at 5 CAD (value $578m)

Rio Alto

Equity Financing

Share Price
from 0.30 to 6 CAD

  • Participating in private placement at 0.30 CAD
  • Starting to represent Rio Alto Mining in Europe
  • Editorial marketing to retail investors
  • Presentation at our IRC conferences in Zurich
  • Presentation at the Edelmetallmesse in Munich
  • Marketing to institutional investors
  • Takeover in 2015 by Tahoe Resources at 4 CAD (value $1.09b)