Dual listing

The advantage of having a relatively inexpensive dual listing on the Open Market (Freiverkehr) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) is diversifying your shareholder structure. You would get access to a very strong retail investor market of more than 100 million living in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We know the procedure of getting your shares traded in our time zone and currency.

Over the past 20 years, we have helped more than 100 companies to get in direct contact with new shareholders via a dual listing. If your company is already listed on the ASX, TSX or TSX-Venture, please get in touch with us at


Editorial marketing

With our renowned editorial team and a full spectrum of media management, we are branding your company utilizing our network of established distribution channels to deliver new shareholders. To get your equity story out to investors, we have a dual communication strategy. Our investor portal and our social media footprint on Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube and LinkedIn, plus our weekly newsletter are the basis of communicating your corporate activities and achieved milestones to potential investors.

As the founders of the German investor platform, we are registering your corporate profile there and disseminate our ongoing written articles through the platform established news channels.

Our annual investor magazine stocks to perform is very well received by our investor community, either the distribution of the printed version at attended conferences or the online version on our investor portals.


Video interviews

Over the past 20 years, communication with shareholders and potential new investors has changed immensely. Millennials are researching and following investment opportunities on their smart phones which has given us the opportunity to producing short and to-the-point CEO messages. Today, visual video messages are an important component in any corporate communication strategy.

We have a young team of very experienced video producers, speakers and influencers. We know how to bring your equity story to the point. Our increasing subscriber database on YouTube is confirming this trend. They appreciate our recorded knowledge & experience when it comes to investing in Australian and Canadian junior mining & energy companies, as well as special situation small cap technology companies.


Webinar & virtual conference

The investor & shareholder demand for more transparency and an ongoing dialog with management they are going to invest in, is leading us towards the daily use of virtual communication tools, such as MS Teams, Skype or Zoom.

Webinars with a small group of interested investors are the start of getting to know each other, presenting your corporate profile and business strategy, as well as exchanging sector know-how. In addition, the possibility of interacting in those calls, investors can ask their questions. Your professional guideline and explanations are building a trusted foundation, prior to making an investment decision.

Since 2020, the use of virtual communication tools has increased, which may result in less travel and expenses for you and your team. It might take a while to get all of our investors from previous attendance investor conferences, where they could listen to our keynote speakers, such as Frank Holmes, Mark Faber or the charismatic Robert Friedland, in front of their computer screens. But also for investors, the online world does have benefits. Just think of recording your presentation. A combination of both worlds would be our preferred scenario, but the future will tell.


One-to-one marketing

Our event management team has been successful in connecting our clients face-to-face with the German-speaking retail and institutional investors, as well as media representatives.

Over the past 20 years we were able to initiate coverage of our client’s equity stories in all of the most relevant German financial magazines, financial newspapers & stock letters. In addition, our network of institutional contacts, such as banks, funds, portfolio managers, insurance companies, family offices & high-net-worth individuals, sum up our one-to-one services.

As your representative, we are promoting your company at Germany’s most important attendance investor conferences, such as in Munich and in Stuttgart. In addition, we have special stock day investor events in cities like Berlin, Dresden, Cologne, Stuttgart, Vienna & Zurich, where we can increase your company investor awareness.

The advantage of a personal meeting is evident, even if time consuming and not as cost effective as the use of digital communication tools.


Marketing campaign

To boost your company’s awareness in our investor communities, we could arrange a specific editorial marketing campaign on highly frequented financial websites, such as, which is Germany’s number one discussion board, comparable to in Australia, or in Canada. We are also working with well established German research labels, tapping their database of institutional investors, active traders and sophisticated retail investors.